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The use of spiral duct

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Our spiral duct tape reel is made of metal spiral bite seam tube, round, no welding, no leak, watertight, used for air and bulk material handling, instead of the traditional tin tube (that hand-sewn bite iron pipe). Is a duct, the whole mechanism, straight tube without manual beat. Its main use is as follows: 

The first blast, including ventilation, such as sending fresh air and exhaust, this range is very wide, such as the factory floor, production sites of air, due to the need for harmful gases exhausted to the outside, they need to outdoor air delivered to the room. Then we should use large and small flow of air pressure pipes, spiral duct on the most suitable use of galvanized iron pipes under normal circumstances, corrosive and humid places to use stainless steel tube. 

The second send cold. The most common is the central air-conditioning pipes, which pipes need to add insulation. Spiral duct insulation materials can be posted inside, beautiful in appearance. 

Third hoods. Hotels, restaurants, hotel kitchens are a lot of soot produced, requires discharge, using a circular duct is oil chimney. Here, the spiral duct tube called soot. 

Fourth dust. Some plants produce a lot of dust in the workshop, the need for specialized removal device, wherein a large pipeline of wind flow, you can use spiral duct. 

Fifth bulk material handling. Some of the factory's production process, the need to transport loose particles, especially the share of small grains such as foamed plastic spiral duct using low cost, good effect.

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